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Banana Pepper

A flavorful cheese with the great taste of these peppers!

BBQ Wild Wings

A kick of heat and tang!

Black Olive

Yummy olive taste in a monterey jack cheese.


A union of colby and monterey jack.


Tastes like a good piece of rye bread.

Dill Pickle

Just like biting in to a crunchy dill pickle!


Perk up your favorite recipe.

Monterey Jack

Colby Cheese without the coloring!


Great on pizzas!

Onion & Chive

Full of flavor, try melting over baked potatoes!


Add to your favorite sandwich for some great flavor.


Like a good slice of pizza!

Tomato Basil

Makes a great grilled cheese sandwich!

Triple X Habanero

Our HOTTEST Cheese- not for the timid!


A whole days worth of veggies!

Yellowstone Crunch

Our DESSERT Cheese, with Chocolate, Caramel and Walnuts.